Custom URL for your standalone store

Once you've registered a domain name you can attach it to your Mercado ONE store provided that you are on a package which allows it.

Mercado does not offer domain registration services, so you will need to use a third party to purchase a domain.

Need help?

We can help you to link your domain name to your Mercado ONE store for a fixed price of £25 +VAT, please note that we will need your login details for your domain name provider in order to do this. Alternatively please follow the steps below.

Configure your domain: e.g.

When you register a domain name, you are registering a top level, root domain. For example, Typically, you will want to configure the subdomain to be

However, you could also configure your subdomain to begin with shop. or store. instead of www.. Once you've decided upon your subdomain, you will need to add a CNAME record to the DNS Records via your domain provider's admin panel. This record will point to your Mercado ONE URL: (replacing MyStore with your actual Mercado ONE URL).

  1. Login to your domain provider's admin panel
  2. Open the available domain management page (may also be called the Advanced DNS Editor, DNS Manager or DNS Control Page).
  3. Locate existing CNAME Records or the option to add a new CNAME record if none currently exist (generally found within the DNS Records or Zone File Editor).
  4. In the Host/Name/Alias CNAME, enter your chosen subdomain, e.g. www, shop or store
  5. In the Points To/Value/Destination field, enter your Mercado ONE URL, e.g.,
  6. If you have the option to edit the TTL field, reduce the TTL to 300 seconds
  7. Click to Save or Add Record to save the CNAME record

OPTIONAL: Configure the root domain: e.g.,

When you register a domain name, you will have a single root domain. If you wish for your store to load on the root domain, you will need to complete the following step.

You will need to create a permanent redirect for your root domain so that it redirects to the subdomain that you previously created. You can set up a permanent redirect by creating 301 redirect that references the subdomain that you created (e.g.,

Please note that not all domain registrars offer the option to create a permanent redirect.

Set Custom URL in Mercado ONE dashboard

Log in to your Mercado ONE dashboard and navigate to the 'My Details' page.

In the Custom URL field, enter the subdomain that you previously created (e.g. Click save and you're done.

Note: DNS changes can take anywhere between 24-48hrs before being seen on the internet. If after 48hrs your DNS changes are not working, please contact your domain provider for help.


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